Are you looking for a reliable range of hyaluronic acid fillers for your aesthetic practice? Then look no further! Anna’s Cosmetics offers Teosyal.


It is the leading range of medical aesthetics that belong to a group of hyaluronic based dermal fillers. These dermal fillers, in their turn, belong to a category of monophasic hyaluronic acid fillers that are very predictable, safe and give no swelling.

Teoxane fillers Teosyal are designed to preserve your natural youth and beauty. They are perfectly adapted for modern aesthetic treatments.

Hyaluronic acid fillers Teosyal allow you to return the facial tissues to the former volume and achieve a sustainable skin rejuvenation effect without a surgical intervention.


With age, we notice a decrease in the volume of soft tissues of the face, especially in the adipose tissue. And we get hollow cheeks, deflated cheekbones and sunken eyes. Teoxane fillers Teosyal allow correcting this drawback by returning the face contours that we used to have before the signs of aging appeared.

Teoxane fillers Teosyal come in the form of a gel, which is injected into soft tissues. Just one medical aesthetic treatment is sufficient to let you notice potentially dramatic improvements for such aesthetic concerns as thin lips, lips with lowered corners, sunken parts of the face including sunken eyes and vertical lip lines known as smoker’s lines.

Additionally, these fillers treat cross-cheek depressions, acne scars, burns and wounds, crow’s feet on the outer corner of the eye, deep nasolabial folds also known as laugh lines and wrinkles on forehead and between brows.

Medical aesthetics and hyaluronic acid fillers Teosyal by Teoxane are a great choice if you want to preserve the individuality and beauty of your face despite the age. Make the right decision and achieve your aesthetic goals.


Unfortunately, medical aesthetics and hyaluronic acid fillers Teosyal by Teoxane are incapable of simply beaming up under the skin. They require injections, which, however, are performed with a very thin needle. To make your dreams come true, the following steps are taken:

STEP №1. Determination of strategic points on your face

A medical esthetician assesses your face and studies the skin areas to be corrected. Then, they do face mapping.

You can bring and show your young photos or photos of people, whose face contours you like, thus helping the medical esthetician to understand better what results you are hoping for.

STEP №2. Preparation of the treated area

The medical esthetician cleanses your facial skin with an antibacterial solution. If you know that the treated skin area is very sensitive, you should ask for a numbing cream, such as, for example, EMLA cream. However, all medical aesthetics and hyaluronic acid injections Teosyal by Teoxane contain lidocaine, so additional anesthesia is used rarely.

STEP №3. Injection

One injection is a matter of just a few minutes. Depending on the size of the treated area, the entire treatment lasts 20 to 60 minutes.

STEP №4. Clean up and recovery

Before completing the treatment, your medical esthetician cleanses your skin of marks. They will offer you an ice pack to minimize discomfort, bruising or redness. During the next few days, avoid intense physical activity.


The developer and manufacturer of Teosyal hyaluronic acid fillers is Teoxane Laboratories from Switzerland – one of leaders on the market of medical aesthetic and corrective products. During the last year, the company crossed a major milestone of 6 million injections worldwide, and the numbers keep growing.

Teoxane strives to constantly improve their skills, discover new treatment options and presents innovations every year. Patients and medical estheticians trust this company because they get exactly what they expected.


There are 8 products within Teosyal range of hyaluronic acid fillers:

1. Meso

2. Global Action

3. Deep Lines

4. Ultimate

5. Ultra Deep

6. Redensity 1

7. Redensity 2

8. Kiss

Certain products in Teosyal range of hyaluronic acid fillers are now delivered with 25g Ultra-Thin Wall needles, which is beneficial in the following aspects:

• Excellent skin penetration thanks to the double bevel design of the extremity and the lubrication of the needles

• Reduction of 20% to 50% of force required to inject Teosyal compared to current needles. This means more comfort for the medical esthetician and less bruising for you

• Use of a 27G needle with a Teosyal Ultra Deep of 25G, which reduces the patient’s trauma during the injection.

If you all still in doubt about buying Teoxane fillers Teosyal, just read the reviews about this range of hyaluronic acid fillers. Do you feel like asking for an expert opinion? Call me, and we will discuss your aesthetic goals to decide which product is the best for you.

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